Внеурочное мероприятие "Harry Potter"

Сценарий для внеурочного мероприятия.

Инструкция к уроку:

1) *Мелодия из Гарри Поттера на заднем фоне* Good afternoon kids, we are
glad to see you all. We have good news. Yesterday an owl brought one magic
letter (показать конверт) Could you help us to read it?(на экране текст
2) so, welcome to the world of magic and wonder. Sorting hat has made its
decision (показать картинку этой шляпы) people who sit at this table are
students of Gryffindor( Приклеиваем герб на стол) and people who sit at this
table are students of Slytherin (Приклеиваем герб на стол)
3) Today we have a contest between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Dumbledore gives
you several magic tasks which you should do. New words: scar, broom, owl,
rat, magic wand, sorting hat
4) The first task. We want to check if you know all characters of Harry Potter.
We will give you a description and you should guess who it is from the world
of Harry Potter. If you want to answer, you should raise your hand. (Даем
описания Рона и Хагрида и Гермионы)
 Hermione: This girl has got long curly hair. She is very clever. Her
hobbies are reading and studying. She is the best student in Harry’s
 RON: This boy has got ginger hair. He is not really clever, but he is
funny. He has got a big family. He has got 3 brothers and 1 sister.
 HAGRID: This man is not young. He is plump and tall with dark
thick hair and beard. He is very kind and caring. He likes animals. He
has got a big dog.

5) Well done. Do you know the favorite things of Harry’s friends? In this task
you should make sentences with these words and these names using
possessive case. Пример: It is Hagrid’s dog
Harry’s – owl, glasses, scar, Ron’s – rat, brothers
Hermione’s – book, cat
6) The next task. If you want to study at Hogwarts, you should find mistakes.
 This is Harry’s broom. This is him broom.
 This is my friend Hermione. Loot at she!
 Hagrid has got many pets. He loves their.
 Draco doesn’t like Harry Potter. Harry isn’t him friend
 Albus Dumbledore is very kind and friendly. Students like his.
7) Do you know what our characters can do and what they can’t do? You should
fill the gaps. Can-can’t

o Harry can/can’t fly a broom.
o Hermione can/can’t use a magic wand.
o Fred and George Weasley can/can’t be serious
o  Lord Voldemort can/can’t love
o Severus Snape can/ can’t help Harry
o Ron can/can’t be funny
o Albus Dumbledore can/can’t make magic
o Ron can/can’t play Quidditch
8) образовать вопрос и отрицание (3)
- Harry plays Quidditch in his free time. (harry doesn’t play..in his free time + does
he play)
- Hermione likes to study (does……, Hermione doesn’t….)
- Ron is afraid of spiders (is…..? isn’t)
- Hagrid loves his dog
9) Подсчет баллов, награждение.

Презентация: https://foxford.ru/I/b64